Crowns, Bridges, Vaneers and Dentures


Dental crowns are the strongest restorations available, their main function is to protect the tooth and are typically made of metal or porcelain. A dental crown is a cap that’s placed over a tooth or implant fixture to restore the original appearance and function of the tooth. Crowns are recommended for teeth that; Are severely decayed and structurally broken down has had multiple large fillings and are frequently broken down, required to mask the appearance of a poorly developed or discolored tooth, cap a dental implant require protection following a root canal treatment. Crowns can be made from a metal layered with porcelain, or completely porcelain, or metal oxide (has a similar color to the natural tooth). We strive to ensure that the crown emulates the same appearance, color, and strength of natural teeth.

Teeth are crowned over 2 visits: In the first visit, we complete an examination and ensure the tooth is ready to receive a crown. This involves taking an x-ray, numbing the tooth with local anesthesia, removing any old broken fillings, and decay and preparing the tooth to accept the crown, and finally taking an impression and making a temporary crown. We utilize the highest quality of dental materials fabricated in Melbourne, ensuring our laboratory is local and thus always has great quality. The second visit involves cementing the crown onto the tooth after it has come back from the lab.


Bridges are a great option to replace missing teeth in order to restore function, feel, and aesthetics to a missing tooth region. When a tooth is lost, a bridge utilizes neighbouring teeth as ‘anchors’ to hold up a fake tooth. The anchor teeth are crowned and joined together with the fake tooth. Bridges can also be used to replace more than 1 missing tooth; however, better options may exist when the tooth loss is extensive (see implants).


Veneers are a great option for masking discolored or misshapen teeth in the front of the mouth that may be embarrassing or affecting your social confidence negatively. A veneer is the outer shell of a crown that is stuck onto the visible surface of your tooth after the tooth is prepared by the dentist. They are color-matched to neighbouring teeth to appear natural, and can even be made in a set to cover most of your front teeth to improve their appearance and color. We should choose the best Veneers clinic for this treatment.


Dentures are a set of false teeth made with either acrylic, metal, or plastic base that can replace some or all of your missing teeth. They are designed to work in harmony with your existing teeth and can greatly improve your ability to eat, speak, and your overall appearance. They are cost-effective and a commonly selected option for the replacement of multiple missing teeth where implants or bridges may not be suitable.

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