Paediatric Dentistry

Teaching children how to care for their teeth should start as early as possible to prevent early childhood decay and protect their pearly whites. Introducing children to the dentist can be a daunting experience, but a slow and steady approach works wonders for making children dentally aware and motivated to care for their teeth. We recommend dental visits as early as 2 years of age. Children’s appointments are customized to meet their understanding of the world, this takes into account their ability to comprehend treatment and we strive to deliver this treatment in terms that are familiar to them. This ensures that the child does not develop fear and anxiety towards the dentist.

We always encourage children with positive feedback to ensure they respond well to advice and treatment. To ease anxiety, we place their favourite tv shows or cartoons on the monitor to reduce anxiety and keep them engaged. For young children we try and keep the appointments fairly small so they can retain information and find the entire experience much more enjoyable.

Services we provide include an exam and clean, fluoride treatment, custom-fit mouthguards, X-rays when required to assess if there is decay and how far it has progressed. During the exam we scan through and assess where the child is in terms of their tooth eruption order and if there are any issues that may impact their bite or any prevalent orthodontic problems that may be arising. if your child is participating in sporting activities we advise to consider having a custom fit mouth guard to prevent any traumatic dental injuries. These injuries may arise from contact and can have a great effect on their adult smile, as such prevention is key. Other treatments that we provide can include fillings, small crowns, extractions, and root canal therapy.

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