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Insurance Providers: NIB, HCF, Westfund & Child Dental Benefits Schedule.
Offer: Gap Free Check & Clean.
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We are pleased to present our partnership with MySmile plan, which is an interest free payment plan available to reduce the burden of expensive dental treatment.



Dental Service Eligibility

We accept all health funds via HICAPs electronic claiming and are proud to announce our link as a preferred provider with NIB, HCF, Veterans affairs and CBHS. At Australian Family Dental we bulk-bill eligible Veteran’s Affairs and children who are eligible for the Medicare child benefit scheme between the ages of 2 to 17 years of age. Children that are eligible for government dental assistance are able to access the child benefit health service for a limit of $1000 over a period of 2 years. Feel free to call us to enquire if your child is eligible


Our Dental Services

Implants are metallic fixtures that allow us to restore areas where missing teeth or heavily broken down teeth can be replaced with fixed and stable solutions. Dental Implants anchor and lock into the jaw and are then connected to artificial teeth to provide chewing function, as well as improved appearance. These fixtures have outstanding prognosis, achieving success in 98% of cases. Book a free consult to assess if your situation is suitable for dental implants. We also provide therapeutic and cosmetic procedures to assist in reducing muscle strain which may impact on your bite and jaw joint function. These procedures come with the added benefit of reducing excessive muscle contractions which lead to the appearance of unwanted lines and creases. By utilising a facial injectable we can improve your skin health and ultimately bring out your natural, amazing smile. Contact us to find out more with a free consult.


We offer a wide range of procedures to brighten and enhance your smile. These can be in the form of white plastic fillings, crowns, bridges, or porcelain dental vaneers, which is a light porcelain coat placed on top of your teeth. Other cosmetic procedures include teeth whitening to bring out your smile.


Our clinicians are excellent at providing emergency dentistry for patients. We are extremely competent at removal of teeth, as well as root canal therapy to provide relief from extreme pain. We offer an after-hour call-out service, where we can be contacted on Mon to Sat: 9AM to 6PM


Our staff are exceptional at handling children who may be apprehensive or worried about their dental visit. We take a calm and relaxed approach in paediatric dentistry to ensure that children leave the dental clinic with a pleasant experience.